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Training Courses

Training courses and workshops are provided on-site, off-site, and over the web. These training courses allow you and your organization to maximize your efficiency by learning how to take full advantage of standards (e.g. HL7 and DICOM) and integration toolkits in order to achieve application interoperability.

Ringholm currently offers the following training courses:

An Overview of healthcare interoperability standards 1 day Provides an overview of, and shows the relationships between, commonly used interoperability standards (CDA, DICOM, HL7 v2, HL7 v3, SNOMED)
HL7 version 2 2 days Provides in-depth knowledge about the HL7 version 2 standard. This includes a brief overview of the HL7 version 2 based IHE Radiology/Laboratory profiles.
HL7 CDA Overview 1 day Provides an overview of the CDA (Clinical Document Architecture) as well as some of the implementation best practices.
HL7 FHIR Overview 2 days Provides an overview of the HL7 FHIR standard.
HL7 FHIR Advanced 1 day Provides in-depth knowledge about implementation best practices of the HL7 FHIR standard.
DICOM Overview 1 day Covers the charateristic elements of the DICOM standard, including conformance statements
DICOM Advanced 2 days Covers advanced DICOM topics, recent additions to the DICOM standard, troubleshooting and hands-on.
IHE Overview 1/2 day Provides an overview of the IHE process and introduces a number of key IHE profiles.
IHE XDS Overview, regional data exchanges and ECM 2 days Provides an overview of the IHE XDS profile, Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE), and their relationships with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) an document and metadata standards.
IHE XDS Advanced, Hands On and Best Practices 2 days Covers practical XDS skills with over 50% hands on, testing and simulation tools, IHE XDS implementation best practices.
IHE for Diagnostic Imaging 1 day Provides an overview of those parts of the IHE standard that relate to diagnostic images (e.g. radiology, cardiology, dental, nuclear and visual light imaging) and diagnostic imaging workflows.
Clinical Data modelling 1 day Provides an overview and a comparison of 13606 EHRCom, OpenEHR, and HL7 CDA

Training is provided throughout the year in various European cities, the courses are also available in the form of on-site training.

When it comes to training our aim is to build experts through interactive training. The Ringholm consultants have years of experience in delivering 'hands-on consultancy' and 'stuff that works'. We will focus on teaching you the nitty-gritty details, and inform you of the pitfalls. This will enable you to deal with 'real' integration projects.

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Gain Experience - Fast

These courses will provide the attendee with a strong understanding and knowledge of various standards. All relevant messages will be explained in detail using real-life scenarios. You will learn to generate and troubleshoot messages.

Supporting Tools

Participants will receive a free copy of supporting and testing tools. These tools provide you with the ability to analyze message structure and content, forward and reverse engineer messages, maintain enterprise message libraries, and generate conformance profiles.